Nakto skylark folding electric bike review

Nakto Skylark Electric Bike Review


Nakto Skylark Electric Bike


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I’m always on the hunt for the perfect electric bike – something affordable yet packed with features to make my daily commute a breeze. As an urban dweller without a car, ebikes are a lifesaver for getting across town while avoiding public transit. So when I heard about Nakto’s Skylark model, I was intrigued.

As a brand, Nakto is well-known for their folding electric bikes designed for city riders. Their bikes boast modern styling and thoughtful touches suited for navigating crowded streets.

The Skylark immediately grabbed my attention for its compact dimensions – when folded down, it can easily fit in small spaces like car trunks or under a desk. This lightweight portability combined with a removable lithium battery makes the Skylark an optimal choice for apartment dwellers and commuters.

But does it deliver on performance? I took the Skylark out for a thorough test drive around town to see if it lives up to the hype. Read on for my full review!

Design & Build Quality

nakto skylark folding bike

Let’s start with the bike’s physical construction. The frame is made of high-strength carbon steel with a premium paint finish available in 4 color options.

Folded dimensions are an ultra-compact 29″ x 24″ x 12″ – this shrinks the bike down to a size that easily maneuvers and stores. I was able to fit it in both my small sedan’s trunk as well as the corner of my apartment.

nakto skylark dimensions

The total weight is a reasonable 27 kg including the removable battery. For lifting onto public transit or carrying up stairs, the Skylark remains manageable thanks to the lightweight alloy frame.

Performance & Key Features

Now let’s get into the functional specs that matter most…

nakto skylark motor

The Skylark is powered by a 250W rear hub motor paired with a 36V 10Ah lithium battery. This combo allows a max speed of 16 mph and an estimated range of 15-18 miles on a single charge.

You can switch between three levels of pedal assist or use the handy twist throttle for continuous motor power – ideal for coasting up hills. The electric support makes pedaling effortless without compromising exercise benefits.

Slowing down is easy with the reliable braking system featuring front drum brakes and rear disc brakes. The disc brakes deliver strong stopping power even on wet roads.

The LCD display mounted on the handlebars provides clear readout of your speed, battery level, pedal assist mode, and more. I appreciate the simplistic display that shows me key stats at a glance.

nakto skylark

Luggage racks front and rear give you versatility to strap on bags or baskets for carrying work items, groceries, and more. It’s perfect for transporting small loads around town.

nakto skylark luggage rack


Ride Experience


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Check the latest price here: of the Nakto Skylark Electric Bike 

The smaller 16″ wheels and responsive steering allows tight turns and navigation of crowded urban streets. I never feel restricted by a bulky bike frame.

The 250W motor provides powerful acceleration from stops and stability once up to speed. There’s plenty of torque for tackling small hills around town. It takes the effort out of commuting across a hilly cityscape!

While not meant for off-roading, the Skylark handles cracked sidewalks and paved roads with ease. Vibration damping keeps the ride smooth and comfortable.

One of my pet peeves with ebikes is motor noise, but the Skylark’s quiet hub motor blends into the background. It’s easy to hold a conversation or listen to music while riding.

Accessories & Customizations

To complete your Skylark setup, Nakto offers a range of accessories:

  • Safety lights for visibility
  • Phone holder that attaches to handlebars
  • Helmets for head protection
  • Baskets or panniers for storage
  • Upgraded seat for extra comfort

You can also customize the look with decals and paint jobs. I added some sweet racing stripes to personalize my ride!

For routine maintenance, Nakto provides a basic tool kit. But any local bike shop can help with tasks like brake adjustments and wheel truing.

Who Is This Bike For?

The Skylark hits the sweet spot between budget ebikes and high-end models. It’s ideal for:

  • College students and campus commuters on a budget
  • Urban commuters seeking a fast, fun ride to work
  • First-time ebike owners looking for an entry-level model
  • Riders with smaller storage space or usage limitations

Casual riders should look at more affordable options. But anyone needing a solid electric bike for daily transportation will appreciate what the Skylark brings to the table.

Pros & Cons


  • Ultra-compact folding frame
  • Removable lithium battery
  • Powerful 250W hub motor
  • Throttle for acceleration boost
  • Up to 18 mile range per charge


  • No suspension system
  • Maximum 16 mph top speed
  • Shorter warranty than premium models
  • Pedals feel tighter than freewheel models

While the lack of suspension does limit off-road handling, the Skylark isn’t designed for trail riding anyway. For a sub-$1000 folding ebike, it packs incredible performance and utility.


What is the max load capacity?

The Skylark can support riders up to 220 lbs. Heavy loads affect range, but the sturdy frame handles heavier riders.

How long does the battery take to charge?

A full charge from empty takes 4-6 hours. Partial charges are much quicker at 1-2 hours.

What is the warranty coverage?

Nakto provides a 1 year warranty covering manufacturing defects. Wear parts like tires and brakes are not included.

Can you ride it in the rain?

Yes, the included fenders help keep you dry while riding in wet conditions. Avoid submerging the motor or battery.

Is assembly required out of the box?

The Skylark comes 90% pre-assembled. Just install the handlebars, pedals, and inflate the tires to get riding in less than 30 minutes. Minimal tools and mechanic skills required.

The Verdict

The Nakto Skylark excels as a portable commuter bike packed with utility. The hub motor delivers sturdy performance and battery range for daily transportation needs.

While the lack of suspension and high top speed may disappoint mountain trail riders, the Skylark serves urban and campus commuters well. For those needing an affordable electric bike that folds down for storage and public transit, it checks all the boxes.

Overall the Skylark provides tremendous value at a very reasonable price point. If you need serious off-road capabilities or a high-performance speed machine, you’ll need to spend more. But as a maneuverable electric runabout for cities, the Skylark is a winner in my book.

Check the latest price here: of the Nakto Skylark Electric Bike 

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