Nakto camel city women’s electric bike review

Nakto camel city women’s electric bike review


nakto camel electric bike


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I’ve tested my fair share of electric bikes aimed at urban commuters and weekend warriors in recent years. With more models hitting the streets every month, it can get overwhelming trying to navigate this rapidly expanding corner of the micromobility market.

That’s why I decided to take a hard look at one of the most popular budget-friendly e-bikes out there – the Nakto Camel. This electric city bike has earned a following for its comfortable ride quality and practical specs at an accessible price point.

But does it live up to the hype when taken off the glossy retailer pages and out onto real-world city streets? I took the Nakto Camel out for an extensive test ride on the bustling streets of San Francisco to find out.

Here’s my hands-on review of everything you need to know about this urban electric bike, from key specs to real-world performance and who it’s best suited for.

Key Specs and Features

The Nakto Camel sits at the smaller end of the city e-bike spectrum, with a fairly compact step-through frame constructed from carbon steel. It tips the scales at around 60lbs, which is heavy for a regular bike but standard for an entry-level electric model.

nakto camel motor

It’s powered by a modest 250W rear hub motor paired with a 36V 10Ah lithium-ion battery. The battery is nestled on the rear rack and locks into place but can be removed for charging or theft prevention.

On a full charge, Nakto estimates a range of around 25 miles depending on terrain and assist level. Charging takes around 6 hours using the included 2A charger.

nakto camel throttle

The Camel’s motor can provide assisted pedaling up to 18mph in Pedal Assist mode. Throttle-only mode without pedaling can reach 15mph. That’s plenty of speed for urban commuting and recreational riding.

Slowing down this little electric cruiser is a pair of mechanical rim brakes – a V-brake up front and rear expansion brake. These provide adequate stopping power for a bike this size, though don’t offer quite as much power and modulation as disc or hydraulic brakes.

nakto camel electric bike gears

Shifting duties are handled by a 6-speed Shimano Tourney derailleur paired with a basic grip shifter. The drivetrain provides a decent gear range for tackling small rolling hills around town. Larger knobby 26” x 4” CST tires help absorb bumps and provide stability.

Up front, the Camel sports a simple LED headlight powered by the main battery. The handlebars are a comfortable swept-back cruiser style to enable an upright riding posture. The plush seat and removable rear rack round out the bike’s city-friendly utilitarian features.

Ride Quality and Performance



Check the latest price here of the:  Nakto Camel Electric Bike


The Nakto Camel offers a quintessential electric cruiser bike riding experience that’s optimized for relaxed urban commuting rather than aggressive performance riding.

It has a very approachable feel that instills confidence even in beginner riders. The low step-through frame makes mounting and dismounting a breeze.

Once seated, the upright posture is natural and comfortable while still providing good visibility of the road ahead. The wider tires and front suspension fork absorb small bumps and cracks in the road exceptionally well.

Twisting the right grip engages the motor smoothly. On flat urban roads, it provides just the right amount of pedal assist for maintaining speeds of 15-18mph with minimal effort. The 3 assist levels can be toggled on the fly to suit your exertion preferences.

The motor is responsive but could use a bit more torque for tackling San Francisco’s steeper hills. In Pedal Assist mode, it helps take the edge off inclines but still requires standing up and mashing the pedals on extended climbs.

For lazier days, the twist throttle engages the motor directly. It’s able to maintain a modest 10mph on moderate hills without any pedaling input. However, the lack of torque is still apparent, as steeper hills cause significant speed drops even at full throttle.

Despite the 250W motor’s limitations in hilly terrain, it’s still powerful enough to zip away from stoplights and handles daily urban commuting without issue. Noise from the motor is present but not excessive or irritating.

The basic mechanical rim brakes slow the bike from 18mph to a complete stop in a reasonable distance. But the lever has to be squeezed quite hard, and modulation is trickier than hydraulic discs. I’d recommend planning your stops early and leaving ample room. Hard braking kicks up some nervous vibration through the front suspension fork as well.

In terms of battery life, the 10Ah unit delivers on its promised 25 miles of range when using mostly Pedal Assist on flat areas. Riding in throttle-only mode at full speed drops the range closer to 20 miles. As with any e-bike, hills, wind, payload, ambient temperature and assist level will impact range.

Overall, the Nakto Camel provides a very usable blend of comfort, practicality and value. It doesn’t have the performance, premium features or polish of pricier e-bikes, but it delivers an impressive experience considering its accessible price point.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable price under $1000 makes electric biking accessible
  • Removable battery is convenient for charging and theft deterrence
  • Responsive motor provides good assist for flat urban riding
  • Durable steel frame and puncture-resistant tires hold up to daily use
  • Upright, relaxed riding posture is comfortable for most riders


  • On the heavy side at 60lbs makes lifting difficult
  • Mechanical brakes lack power and modulation of hydraulic discs
  • Limited torque can’t sustain high speeds on very steep hills
  • Minimal customer service and QC issues reported by some owners
  • Some proprietary parts may require OEM sourcing if replacements needed

Check the latest price here of the:  Nakto Camel Electric Bike


Who is the Nakto Camel Good For?

The sweet spot for the Nakto Camel is definitely casual riders seeking an accessible entry point into the world of electric bikes. It shines as an urban commuter and for running errands around town.

Beginners will appreciate the easy step-through frame, smooth throttle response and unintimidating performance. It provides just enough electric assist to take the edge off hills and headwinds without feeling overly powered.

Intermediate riders will enjoy the Camel as a laid-back around-town cruiser that requires minimal effort. It’s right at home meandering along beach boardwalks and park pathways.

While it works well for urban use, the Nakto Camel stops short of being a serious performance e-bike suitable for long distances or challenging terrain. Advanced riders will likely find it underpowered when trying to sustain speeds above 18mph.

Due to its affordable price point, the Camel forgoes premium components in favor of adequate, budget-minded parts. So it’s better suited to those prioritizing value and practicality rather than premium performance and polished components.

Overall, buyers looking for a comfortable, practical electric bike under $1000 will find a lot to love in the Nakto Camel. It fills the role of casual cruiser and urban runabout quite admirably.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Nakto Camel’s battery last on a full charge?

With regular Pedal Assist mode, you can expect around 20-25 miles per charge. Using only the throttle without pedaling may provide closer to 18 miles. Terrain, hills, rider weight and assist level all impact range.

Can the Nakto Camel be ridden safely in the rain?

Light rain and wet roads are fine, but it’s best to avoid submerging the wheel hub motors in deep puddles which could damage the internal components. Fenders can help keep splash away from critical parts.

What is the warranty period for the Nakto Camel electric bike?

Nakto provides a 1 year limited warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship on the frame and components. Standard wear and tear is not covered. Registration is required on their website to activate warranty.

Does Nakto offer financing options for paying over time?

Yes, Nakto partners with Affirm and PayPal to provide installment financing plans at checkout. These plans allow you to split the cost over 3, 6 or 12 months for a fixed monthly payment to their platforms.

Where are Nakto e-bikes manufactured?

Nakto designs their e-bikes in California but the manufacturing takes place in Chinese factories. Assembly is completed in their California warehouses before shipment to customers.


Check the latest price here of the:  Nakto Camel Electric Bike


At the end of my testing, I’m impressed by just how much value Nakto packed into the affordable Camel. It punches above its weight class when it comes to delivering an accessible, comfortable electric assist experience.

While it won’t dethrone premium e-MTBs for hardcore riders, it fills the role of budget-friendly urban runabout admirably well. For new riders looking to test the electric waters or veterans seeking a laid-back cruiser, the Nakto Camel is worthy of consideration.

If you need more hill climbing power or premium components, I’d suggest looking at models from Juiced, Rad or Aventon priced under $2000. But those craving a wallet-friendly electric riding companion will find plenty to love about the humble Nakto Camel!

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