Ecotric hammer city bike review

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Tired of boring, lazy rides around the neighborhood? Get ready for an electrifying adventure with the Ecotric Hammer – an absolute beast of an electric fat tire bike built to devour rough trails and off-road terrain.









With its retro styling and robust components, this e-bike blends old-school cool with cutting-edge performance. It may look like it came straight out of the 1970s, but the Hammer delivers a seriously thrilling, modern riding experience.

Let’s dive into what makes this rugged, trail-taming machine so much fun to ride!

Vintage Style, Modern Power


One look at the Hammer’s iconic frame and oversized tires transports you back to the heyday of cruisers. But underneath that retro exterior lies some seriously futuristic tech:

  • 750W rear hub motor that delivers pedal assist up to 20 mph
  • removable 48V Lithium battery with 45 mile range capacity
  • Hydraulic disc brakes with responsive stopping power
  • Front suspension that glides over bumps and ruts

It’s like a blast from the past powered by innovations of tomorrow!

Top Speed 20 mph
Battery 48V 13Ah

While those vintage vibes look cool, the Hammer is built for off-road adventures today. Time to get dirty!

Equipped to Devour Dirt, Sand, and Snow

With its superwide 4-inch tiresfront suspension, and all-terrain tread, this e-bike basically laughs at punishing paths.

Let’s see what gives the Hammer its rough riding abilities:

  • Fat tires float across mud, grab hold in sand, and add stability
  • Zoom suspension fork smoothes out the roughest rubble
  • Powerful disc brakes deliver quick and controlled stops
  • 7 speed Shimano gears help you grind up steep hills
  • Aluminum alloy frame stands up to abuse

Whether it’s aggressive downhill trails or sandy dunes by the sea, the Hammer has the rugged build and stability to keep you riding with a grin.

Wheel Size 26″
Fat Tire Width 4″

With great traction on loose terrain and the ability to absorb big hits, you’ll feel unstoppable flying down the path less pedaled.

Smooth, Responsive Handling

Despite its burly look, the Hammer handles surprisingly well along scenic backroads and winding trails.

Key elements that make it ride so smoothly:

  • Low center of gravity for confident cornering
  • Easy to moderate speeds with the responsive brakes
  • Torque-rich assist helps surmount obstacles
  • 5 assist levels to match your riding input
  • Comfy seat with suspension post absorbs bumps

There’s some serious power propelling you along, but the Hammer still provides a feeling of control and connection with the terrain.

Battery 48V 13Ah
Range Up to 45 miles

From mellow cruising to blazing your own off-road trail, the Hammer makes you feel like a pro!

Customizable Performance

With its different assist modes and handy handlebar controls, you can really customize your ride quality:

  • 5 assist levels – Let the motor do 20-100% of the work
  • Throttle-only – Motor powers you along sans pedaling
  • Gear shifter – Smooth transitions between 7 gears
  • LED display shows speed, battery level, assist mode
  • Front light brightens the trail ahead
  • Walk mode easily rolls the bike alongside you

Crank up the pedal assist and blast up that steep ravine. Dial it down to get some exercise on flatter areas. Toggle throttle-only when you’re tired. It’s your ride – make the most of the Hammer’s performance features!

Display LED with Speedometer
Lights Front LED Headlight

With so much flexibility, you can find the perfect power and speed combo for every stretch of adventure.

Pros and Cons


The Hammer’s rugged power and off-road handling make it an unbeatable trail machine. But there are some possible drawbacks to note:


  • Powerful 750W motor with torque to spare
  • Huge 48V battery provides long range
  • Stable fat tires grab terrain and add control
  • 5 assist levels to customize your effort
  • Smooth suspension and disc brakes


  • On the heavier side at 73lbs
  • Some reported loose handlebars
  • Hefty price tag for top performance
  • Large sizing may not suit smaller riders

While not flawless, the Hammer still delivers an absolutely epic trail riding experience that makes it one of the top choices out there.

Weight 73 lbs
Price $1,600+

Time to start saving your pennies for this thrilling electric fat tire bike!

Conquering the Wilderness in Style

With its burly framemulti-terrain tires, and high-torque motor, the Ecotric Hammer lets you indulge your adventurous spirit and go where the wild things roam.

Tackling steep ravines, sandy beaches, muddy trails – this e-bike empowers you to take on rugged rides in style and comfort.

Some parting thoughts:

  • leading electric fat bike for off-road performance
  • Strong acceleration and stability inspires confidence
  • Huge battery capacity for marathon trail sessions
  • total blast to ride thanks to its power and control

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions:

How long can I ride before recharging the battery?

The 48V 13Ah battery lasts around 45 miles depending on terrain, assist level, weight, etc.

What’s the top speed for the Hammer?

It can reach 20 mph with motor assist, but you may go faster coasting downhill.

Do I have to pedal or can the motor do all the work?

The throttle lets you use the motor without any pedaling effort. But pedaling extends the range.

How long does it take to recharge the battery fully?

It takes around 5-8 hours to recharge the battery pack from empty to full.

What’s the max weight this bike can handle?

Ecotric states the Hammer can support riders up to 265 pounds. The heavy duty build can handle more.

Can I adjust the handlebar height on this e-bike?

Yes, the handlebars can be adjusted up or down to customize fit.

Is the battery removable?

Yup! The 48V battery easily slides on and off the frame for charging or storage.

Can I finance this bike?

Ecotric offers Affirm and Klarna financing options to pay over time.

What size tires are on this bad boy?

It comes with rugged 26″ x 4″ fat tires for ultimate traction and control.

Time to start your electrified off-road adventures! The Ecotric Hammer is a beast just waiting to be unleashed on the trails.

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