QuietKat Jeep Electric Bike Review


QuietKat Jeep Electric Bike Review: The Ultimate Off-Road E-Bike?


As an avid mountain biker and outdoor enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for electric bikes that can handle serious off-road terrain. So when QuietKat released their Jeep-branded electric bike built for backcountry adventures, I knew I had to test it out.

After taking the Jeep e-bike on some intense off-road trails, I’m ready to share my in-depth review. Keep reading to find out if this rugged e-bike lives up to its impressive specs and lofty price tag.

Let’s start with a quick rundown of the main features and specifications:

Motor: 1000W Bafang Ultra mid-drive motor with 160Nm torque
Battery:  48V 14.5Ah (700Wh) removable lithium-ion battery
Max range:  Up to 58 miles per charge (claimed)
Max speed:  20 mph
Frame: Aluminum alloy frame with internal cable routing
Suspension: 140mm inverted air fork (front), 150mm travel (rear)
Brakes:  Tektro Dorado 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes, 230mm rotors
Tires: 26 x 4.8″ CST Roly Poly fat tires
Extras:  Integrated LED headlight, 9-speed SRAM drivetrain, torque sensor

As you can see from the specs, the Jeep e-bike is equipped for aggressive trail riding with its beefy motor, fat tires, and high-end suspension components. But how does it actually perform off-road?

Riding Experience and Performance

I tested the Jeep electric bike on a variety of trails ranging from rocky uphills to loose gravel downhills. Here’s an overview of how it handled:

Powerful Motor and Torque

The 1000W mid-drive motor provides insane torque – more than enough to tackle steep inclines or power through mud and sand. The torque sensor also delivers very natural power output when pedaling.

Smooth and Plush Suspension

Between the inverted air fork upfront and the 150mm of rear travel, the Jeep soaks up bumps and rocks like a mountain goat. It’s a very smooth and comfortable ride on even the most rugged terrain.

Excellent Grip and Traction

The 4.8″ fat tires have unbelievable grip. They cling to almost any surface, from wet roots to loose gravel. I also love that you can lower the tire pressure for even more traction off-road.

Confidence-Inspiring Brakes

The Dorado hydraulic disc brakes offer tremendous stopping power. Combined with the grippy tires, they give you full control navigating tricky downhills and technical sections.

Playful Handling Despite the Weight

At 70lbs, the Jeep is far from lightweight. Yet it handles surprisingly well, allowing you to plow through obstacles or hop over trail features when needed.

Features I Love About the Jeep E-bike


– The removable battery makes charging way more convenient compared to an integrated downtube battery.

– 9-speed drivetrain gives me plenty of gearing options to optimize pedaling cadence on varied terrain.

– The VPOTM technology allows switching between different power modes (Eco, Sport, Unlimited etc) to suit different riding needs.

– Integrated headlight which means I can safely ride trails early morning or late evenings.

– 4 frame size options to ensure you can find the right fit regardless of height.

– Max load of 300lbs gives me lots of leeway to load up plenty of gear for bike packing adventures.


As much as I love this e-bike, a few things could be improved:

– The 60-70 mile max range is lower than expected for such a large battery.

– It’s very heavy at 70lbs – lifting and maneuvering it takes serious effort.

– No included fenders or rear rack is a missed opportunity given the price.

Riding Conditions for the Jeep E-bike

Based on my experience, here are the riding conditions where the Jeep e-bike excels:

– Technical mountain biking trails – the torque, suspension, brakes, and tires allow you to traverse black-diamond-level tracks.

– Backcountry/off-road exploration – with its rugged build and removable battery, the Jeep lets you venture deep into the wilderness.

– Beach cruising – the fat tires grip nicely on sand, making beach rides a breeze. Lower the tire pressure for extra float.

– Snow biking – the Jeep plows through snow like a monster truck thanks to the fat tires and waterproof components.

– Hunting/fishing trips – carry all your gear using the 300lb max load capacity. The silent motor also won’t startle wildlife.

My Final Verdict: 4.5 out of 5

The QuietKat Jeep electric bike is an absolute beast off-road. The powerful motor, plush suspension, hydraulic brakes, and fat tires make easy work of even the most demanding trails.

As long as you can afford the lofty price tag, I’d readily recommend the Jeep e-bike to anyone who loves technical mountain biking, exploring remote backcountry, or generally pushing their limits off-road. It will reward you with capabilities well beyond an average electric bike.

For casual riders sticking mostly to pavement, the Jeep is overkill. You’d be better served by a less rugged but more affordable e-bike for cruising neighborhood streets.

But if your idea of fun is bombing down gnarly singletrack or discovering hidden lakes deep in the wilderness, the Jeep electric bike is well worth the investment despite some minor drawbacks. It’s an absolute blast to ride in the wild.


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