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Get $60 Off your 1st order - When you Spend $600 or More! - Use Code SIXTY at the Checkout!

How to remove battery from nakto electric-bike?

If you're wondering how to remove the battery on your NAKTO electric bike, there are a few steps that you can take. The first step is to unlock the battery kit. Once it's free, unplug the wires and loosen the battery clamps. Using a pair of pliers, pry the battery out and place it on a table or tabletop. Then, use your right hand to push the key into the battery. Once the battery is out, use your left hand to pull the key out and the right to pry it out.

You'll find the battery in the seat, so you must remove the seat before you remove it. The battery will have a latch, and you'll need to push the battery flush against the slot. Now, turn the key to the right and hit the On button. The power indicator on the battery will light up. Now, you can turn the pedal assist feature on and off as needed to maximize your mileage and battery life. To charge the batteries, simply plug in the charger into the port above the keyhole. Once the battery is fully charged, the red and green lights will flash.

After removing the battery, you need to reconnect it to the lithium battery pack. Then, you'll need to connect the circuit back together and reconnect the batteries. After the circuit is secure, you'll need to remove the seat to access the battery. When the power indicator is on, the pedal assist feature will be turned off. If you want to recharge the battery, you can also plug in the charger. The charging port will show a green light or a red one.

Then, you'll need to disconnect the charger from the e-bike's battery. You'll need to disconnect the batteries first before attempting to unscrew the seat. Then, reconnect the batteries back together. Make sure that all of the cells are in series. Once you have removed the battery, you can then reconnect the circuit back to the lithium battery pack. Now, you can ride your electric bike safely and easily.

To remove the battery, simply turn the key to the right to unlock the seat saddle. You'll need to insert a small key to remove the battery. The battery is located on the top of the handlebar. Ensure that the battery is flush with the keyhole. Then, press the throttle to activate the horn. The seat can be adjusted to your preferred height by turning the switch to the right.

Once the battery is removed, you'll need to turn the key to turn on the electric bike. This will allow you to turn on the bike and recharge it. Then, push the seat saddle to remove the battery from the seat. Afterwards, you'll need to unlock the power indicator by pressing the key to the left. Once the battery is unlocked, the pedal assist feature will automatically turn on. Once the battery is installed, you'll need to put it back into the saddle and plug the charger into the port that's above the keyhole. Typically, the green and red lights will indicate whether the bike is charging or not.

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