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Get $60 Off your 1st order - When you Spend $600 or More! - Use Code SIXTY at the Checkout!

Bakcou mule elite electric hunting bike review

Bakcou mule elite electric hunting bike review


The BAKCOU Mule Elite is an electric hunting bike that features a torque sensor that allows the bike to know how much pedal pressure is being applied. This helps the motor make the right decisions to maximize its performance, especially when riding uphill.

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The Bafang motor is equipped with a 9-speed gearing system that works well uphill. The bike is also equipped with powerful Tektron Dual Piston hydraulic brakes. The wide tires and front suspension system help it cope with bumpy terrain and can be used to move in any direction.

The Mule Elite is the workhorse of the BAKCOU collection, designed for serious hunters who want to complement their abilities on the trail.

This model is quiet and stealthy, and has been designed to leave no scent trail. This bike is extremely capable, and no other electric hunting bike can match its performance. It is available in 750W and 1000W models, making it perfect for the serious hunter.

Check the latest price: Bakcou mule elite electric hunting bike


The Mule comes with a variety of features. It is equipped with a rear rack, fenders, a front light, and tire liners. It also comes with additional accessories, such as a cargo trailer and a cargo box. The electric hunting bike is available with a choice of batteries and power. It comes in a variety of different finishes. In addition, it also has the ability to charge your phone and play music.

The BAKCOU Mule is built for serious hunters. It is very quiet and does not leave a scent trail. Its cabochon-like design makes it difficult to spot when you're in the woods. No other electric hunting bike compares to the Mule's performance. It comes in two power levels: 750W and 1000W. If you're serious about hunting, the Mule will help you go the distance.

The Mule is one of the most popular eBikes for hunting. It has wide wheels, air suspension, and a high-quality design. It is designed with hunters in mind. It is a heavy eBike and features a rear cargo box and front load rack. There are two models available, each with a 750W battery. It is important to check the size and weight of your equipment before purchasing one.

The Mule is the workhorse of the BAKCOU line. The bike is built for serious hunters and complements the hunter's physique. It is stealthy and doesn't leave a scent trail, so it is a great choice for hunting. There are two models to choose from: the 750W and the 1000W. The Mule is also available in the 500W version.

While the Mule is a heavy-duty model, it has a steep learning curve. It also comes with a rear rack, fenders, and a cargo trailer. This bike also offers a cargo trailer. While it is a bit pricey, the BAKCOU Mule Elite is an excellent option for hunting in remote areas. It's quiet and easy to maneuver, and it's a good choice for a 750W motor.

When it comes to power, the Bakcou Mule Elite offers a high range of power. Its battery can last up to five hours, but the best feature is the range. The top-end model comes with a rear rack, fenders, and a cargo trailer. The bike is lightweight and is built to withstand rough terrain. Its durable aluminum frame is resistant to rust, corrosion, and weather.

The BAKCOU Mule Elite is a true workhorse of the BAKCOU line of electric hunting bikes. It has a top speed of 35 mph and is designed to complement the hunter's skill level. The Mule also features a folding cargo carrier and four trailers. These accessories are ideal for carrying small game and are easy to attach to the bike. The entire set costs about $123/month with no interest.

The Bakcou Mule is arguably the most popular hunting ebike in the world. Its power, range, and stealthiness make it a popular option for hunters and other outdoorsmen. Its ultra-mid drive motor is the most expensive motor, but it offers all the benefits that a hunter needs. A good range of up to 40 miles will make the ebike an excellent hunting companion.

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